Single Can Rotator (Holds 8 cans vertically)  Buy 4 or More - Automatic 10% Discount

Single Can Rotator (Holds 8 cans vertically) Buy 4 or More - Automatic 10% Discount

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  • Designed to hold 8 standard sized food cans (#300, 3" x 41/2") or soup cans. 
  • Designed to be used in a vertical or slanted position. 
  • Space Saving - no more wasted shelf space.  
  • Unique first-in-first-out (FIFO) design that assures you use your oldest cans first.
  • Each unit is made of heavy duty 21 gage galvanized steel, built to last a lifetime.
  • Each unit measures 4 5/8" wide, 3 1/8" deep, 25 1/2" high
  • $38.00 for each unit (each holds 8 cans max.)
  • Buy 4 or more - get automatic 10% discount applied at checkout

Customer Reviews

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Adaramaja Victor
This is outstanding!!! It look awesome and worth the Price

The product is fantabulous

Chantel Jenkins
Exactly what I have been looking for

I have been looking for these everywhere but all I could find was wood ones and those are bulky. I am so happy I found these I ordered 4 and will be ordering more! Best space saver!! I have a very small pantry and these opened up so much space for me love the first in first out rotation so I am always using the oldest can first worth every penny!!

Awesome product! Space-saving. Worth every penny!!!

I installed these a couple weeks ago by myself. They are heavy duty. I love that they are first in first out so I don't have to worry about expiration dates as much. I was able to double my can storage in my pantry because of the design and how tight they are. You loose very little space as they can be placed right next to each other.