About Us

This product is an outgrowth of our frustration with the lack of organization in our walk in pantry - the myriad of food cans and other items that were all stored on shelves.  We found ourselves conditionally frustrated with the lack of organization and the inefficient use of space.  Furthermore, we were often finding old outdated cans of various items, and never knew how many of what we had.

To solve this problem we went searching for a solution that would address all of these problems.  All we could really find was pictures of homemade wood storage racks and a few plans of videos on how to make them ourselves.  I attempted to make one from wood, but it quickly morphed into a heavy, cumbersome nightmare.  Having an engineering degree and a manufacturing background, I set out to design something better.  Through numerous design and prototype iterations, this is the result.  I hope you like it as much as we do.